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igaming recruitment

We specialise in connecting you with the top talent worldwide in this young, fast paced and exciting industry!

The iGaming industry is growing at a rapid rate, with constantly evolving market trends and conditions. This makes it a highly dynamic, yet challenging industry to recruit in. We know that engaging, securing and retaining top iGaming talent can be difficult, but after years operating in the industry, we know how to keep you one step ahead of the competition.  


What we do


We work in a highly consultative way, ensuring your recruitment processes are efficient and optimised at each stage of the recruitment process.


A strong outcome, starts with great planning and preparation. We will help you build an effective plan to maximise the chances of reaching the desired outcome on the backend of the process.


We ensure that your recruitment strategy is aligned with your short, mid and long term business goals and objectives.


We are experts in running complex global search projects. No matter how challenging the search, we will help you find a solution.


We are diligent in our screening process to ensure candidates presented are a great match for you, but also that you are a great match for them. This prevents avoidable complications at later stages of the process.

Interview & onboarding

We are experts in helping you streamline your interview and onboarding process, ensuring you secure the right person for the role.

Your business deserves better candidates

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