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Client focus

We focus on delivering quality over quantity, with commitment to delivering a consistently high standard of service and results.


Decades of experience within iGaming and Fintech recruitment. Proven results in delivering complex recruitment projects from middle level management up to C level.

Industry Insights

We can keep you up to date with the latest industry insights to help you evolve your recruitment strategy and stay one step ahead of the competition. This service can include detailed competitor analysis, salary benchmarking and/or overall analysis on current recruitment market conditions.

Our working process

Our process is fine tuned to ensure you get your desired result in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.


Our most in-depth and thorough search process that maximises the chances of successfully making placement. Often most appropriate for proactive headhunting campaigns for senior, specialist and difficult to fill roles where it’s essential to tap into the non-active candidate market.

We have a 99% placement ratio for retained searches VS 25% for contingent searches.

Consultation Call

Most processes start with a detailed introductory consultation call. During this call, we would aim to learn more about your business, your active hiring needs, current recruitment challenges/pain points and assess the service you may require in depth. We also provide you with relevant information about us and can answer any questions you may have.

If we feel we are the right partner to support you, we then we use the information gathered on this call to develop a relevant proposal to deliver the right service and desired result.

Strategy Development & Planning

Once signed off, we would then work with you to develop an effective recruitment strategy/plan on how to handle the search process, ensuring that is aligned with your business goals and objectives.

Search Process

We then execute the search process. This typically starts with mapping out the market to identify the most relevant candidates to engage with. Most clients opt for a multi-channel search process, which typically includes 4 key areas comprising of: Proactive Headhunting, Networking, Utilising Our Existing Database and Advertising. However, we can adapt where necessary based on each client’s specific needs.

Candidate Screening & Shortlisting

Once we have identified relevant prospects to target, we then engage with them on a confidential basis. This is followed by an introductory screening call with anyone who is open to a discussion, where we assess their background, experience and expectations to ensure the opportunity is a good match for both sides.

If we deem it to be a relevant match, we would then present the opportunity to the candidate using the information gathered on the initial consultation call to get them bought in and interested in the opportunity. A shortlist of relevant candidates will then be provided, including a full CV and a detailed profile outlining why each candidate submitted is relevant, plus important details relating to experience, current situation, salary, location etc.

Interviews & Feedback

Once you have chosen which candidates you would like to interview, we then arrange interviews on your behalf to save you time. Prior to interviews, we can provide you with any relevant information you may require to help you prepare. Some of our clients request us to sit in on interviews, to give our perspective and help with questioning.

Following interviews, we then take detailed feedback from both parties and provide you with the details needed to decide who to proceed with. If either side has any question marks/concerns, we will ensure these are addressed at the next stage of the process. If the interview process needs to be adapted or streamlined for whatever reason, we will advise you accordingly.

Evaluation & Offer

Once final interviews are concluded, we will help you evaluate who the most suitable options are, so you can make an informed decision about who to hire. From there, we will provide the necessary information required for you to put forward the strongest offer possible, acting as a useful middleman during the negotiation process to maximise your chances of securing the person you want.

Once the offer has been sent and accepted, we handle everything that follows right up until onboarding. This includes managing the candidate’s formal resignation, other opportunities/offers that they may need to pull out of, and the dreaded counter offer. We have the expertise and experience to deal with this situation effectively to maximise the chances you securing the right person you want the first time around!


A service that taps only into the active job market and our existing network of candidates. This can be an effective solution for quick and easier to fill roles where there is an abundance of active talent available. However, it’s less effective than the retained solution and we can never guarantee placement.

Consultation Call

As with our retained solution, our contingent service also starts with an introductory consultation call to assess your business and active hiring needs in detail. If it is established that you would like a contingent service, and we feel we know relevant people for your open roles, then we can start the recruitment process.

Recruitment Process

Contingent processes typically compromise of 2 main components.

• Tapping into our existing network and data base of active candidates
• Advertising to attract those who are typically more active or openly looking for new opportunities.

Candidate Screening & Shortlisting

As with our retained solution, once we have reached out to our existing network and assessed relevant inbound applications, we would screen each person in detail and pitch the opportunity to them prior to submission to ensure the opportunity is a good match for both sides.

We would typically then submit relevant CV’s and profiles individually as and when we have them, as opposed to presenting a shortlist of candidates together.

Interviews & Feedback

Once candidates are selected, we would then arrange interviews on your behalf to save you time. This is followed by taking and presenting detailed feedback from both sides to ensure alignment with the process.

Selection & Offer

If one of our candidates is selected for the position, we will present any useful information that will help you formulate a strong offer and ultimately secure the person on the backend. This may include crucial details that need to be included in the offer, concerns or questions that need to be addressed before they will accept, and managing the resignation and counteroffer process.